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In my typography course at SCAD I was tasked with recreating book covers. I chose three of Liane Moriarty's books to promote as a set. I very much enjoy the published covers but the assignment was to do something else with the covers based on my knowledge of the series. The goal in designing the covers was to create them using analog techniques. The assignment was to set up covers with real objects in life and photograph or scan those elements for the cover. Once completed we could add the text and make alterations digitally. In addition to the cover design I was tasked with creating my own copy.

The books I chose were Big Little Lies, The Husband's Secret and What Alice Forgot. For Big Little Lies I set up two cups on a string.  I wanted the design to mimic an activity kids might play because the story is guided by the events surrounding the main characters' children. I chose to cut one of the cups to mimic the "lie" in the title. What things look like on the outside are not necessarily the way things are.

For The Husband's Secret I wanted the cover to mimic the action of a secret. While the husband's secret does exist on a piece of paper in the book (not a journal), the cover needed to indicate a hidden message. I chose to use torn pages in a journal to show that something was missing. The happy symbolism that occurred in creating this cover is that the journal, open as it is, mimics a rolodex which offers a hint as to when the secret took place in time.

Lastly for What Alice Forgot I wanted to choose a piece that would signify moments in one's life. We often get cards at significant events; birthdays, weddings, deaths, births and others. When Alice forgets years of her life, she is missing key moments in her memory that have to do with big life events.

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