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I am graphic designer based in Portland, OR.

A little bit about my journey to get here can be understood in how I became a graphic designer. When I graduated undergrad my experience was slim and my resume was short. Like most people graduating, it was difficult to get hired directly into the field I had studied. However difficult, I was not disheartened. I decided if I couldn't be a graphic designer immediately I would choose a company that had a creative department and I would work my way over.


The first order of business was to find volunteer opportunities where I could grow my portfolio so when the time came, I was ready. I started working with Lifeline Connections the summer I graduated. I still volunteer with them today.


Full time, I started working in the digital print department at a marketing company in Portland. I spent nine months in the department before the CEO offered me a promotion to Account Executive. I moved from the production floor to client services. I served as an AE for a year and a half. During this time I was allowed to help the Creative department with some side projects to get familiar with the work they did. Finally in 2020 my time came! I became the Layout and Production designer just prior to the start of the pandemic. After a year and a half in that role I became a Graphic Designer on the team. The work was very similar but included more logo and branding responsibilities. By the end of my time at the marketing company, in 2023, I was leading our company's social media, I was the most senior member on the design team and regularly working on print, web, digital, email, branding and event campaigns.

In 2022 I determined it was time for more and I started my MFA in Graphic Design and Visual Experience at Savannah College of Art and Design. My work at SCAD has ranged from graphic design to UX/UI research projects. My projected graduation is Spring of 2025.

I am currently working as a graphic designer in the construction industry as well as working on freelance work.

If I am not designing, drawing, or painting, I am watching/playing tennis with my parents, or planning my next trip! My ultimate goal in life is to end it feeling I haven't missed out. I live each day asking myself if a road not taken will be a "What If" or a regret. If the answer is "yes" then I take the road as far as it goes.

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